K-Pop 101 – We never forget our first time…

Since I ran home to see Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac when I was young and got frustrated because I never arrived on time and could only listen to the ending theme song, I am a fan of anime. In the end, I never watched Saint Seiya (childhood trauma), but then when I got older I watched Card Captor Sakura, Dragon Ball Z (DBZ), InuYasha, and dozens of others. Then I knew it from that moment on I would always have a place in my heart for Asia.
Anime’s Opening/Ending themes was how I met the Asian music ... and throw the first stone the one who can’t sing at least one anime/cartoon song!
It was because of this addiction that a friend decided to show me the original music of the InuYasha’s 4th Ending theme (if I remember correctly). The song is "Every Heart" by BoA, and then she had to explain to me that BoA was singing in Japanese, but in fact she was Korean. Until then the only thing I knew about Korea was that there were two and they didn’t get along very well. I didn’t know the difference between Japanese, Chinese and Korean and probably was one of the ignorant people who says ‘it's all the same thing’. And here's a problem, I hated every second of "Every Heart" ^^’’, the lyric is pretty beautiful, but her voice and all that wind in the hair didn’t charm me, my friend even tried some more lively music, various concepts, but no chance, BoA never entered my heart, despite being one of the greatest singers in the history of Asia! If comes a day when you go someplace in Asia and ask who’s the queen of pop, do not expect them to say Madonna or Britney Spears ... they will say BoA.
But my friend didn’t give up, she then realized that I liked rock, and as a fan of Guns N Roses, Bon Jovi, Nightwish, Evanescence, Aerosmith, Queen .... I wouldn’t like BoA. Then she presented me with a anime-like MV, with beautiful men dancing, mixing classical music with heavy rock. Yes, it’s true! You can check "Tri-Angle", an amazing collaboration between DBSK, BoA and The TRAX, with deep lyrics, awesome melody ... ok, sure you will laugh at the haircuts and outdated special effects, but in 2007 I thought it was magical and different and the MV was released in 2004. The music matched perfectly with my moment, which to be honest was somewhat 'dark' and sad!
My friend showed this Music Video, because she is a big fan of BoA and since I like rock she thought I would love The TRAX, but the truth is that it was DBSK who won my heart. I remember that when I saw the dark long hair guy with the full lips, I immediately thought 'oh my God, what's his name and how do I apply for marriage?', Now I know that the guy is Kim Jaejoong or Hero (stage name) and he is so much more than a pretty face, and I actually had no chance even if  I were the most beautiful and smart woman on Earth! ^^''. Now I know almost everything about them, and love the 5 equally.
Before I knew nothing, nothing at all, do not feel bad if you do not know who is who, and suspects that one of them is a woman Esperto, it’s part of being a k-pop fan. One day when you know, you will want to hit your friends in the head for missing the name of your 'Bias' (keep that word in mind I will explain it  in the future in our K-pop Dictionary). Just never, ever, call them 'XingLing', please don’t be that person!
What almost no one knows, is that when I came home and I searched for this MV subtitled (if I still can’t speak more than a half dozen Korean words now, imagine how clueless I was before), I cried from the second sentence to the end, all I thought about the world and about life was what they said, all I needed to hear and all I needed to spill out was there. Every time I thought about giving up everything, I listened the song again and again and again, until I found the courage to move on and I can tell you proudly, that this music that some people may even call 'EMO', saved me.
I started looking for more videos of DBSK and The TRAX and I was falling in love and getting involved more and realized that K-POP is actually a general term for all kinds of music sung by Koreans, because there are a lot of genres and styles within k-pop, which we'll talk about in future posts.
"Scorpio" by The TRAX still goes back and forth on my playlist all the time! Listen to "Rhapsody" too,  it’s in Japanese, but it's my favorite one by them!
Yes! This is DBSK U_U This is my favorite group. Yes, they are the guys of "Tri-Angle", singing about wanting to be your kitty for a day, but it was too late to turn back on my love for them and I also fell in love with "Hug"! A person has to like a song called "Hug", ok?! It’s amazingly cute!
But then, years later, I discovered that in fact my first K-POP MV was this viral, that probably most here have seen, and I thought it was Japanese at the time, while I drown on my tears watching! And this remains one of the world's most amazing plot on MVs ever!
KISS. began with "Because I'm a Girl" and ended just like that too .... if they released something else, no one ever heard of, just know that they broke up soon after. First lesson about K-Pop, just because the debut was a hit does not mean you will hear about the group again.
I finish here today, sending a hug to my friend Renata that introduced me to k-pop and led me on this path of no return! And another to Camila Doreto that ask me to teach about k-pop for beginners, because she wants to understand and join this world!
Ok then, I will post the tag #KPOP101 every Saturday/Sunday here on the blog!
Tell me on the comments how you met k-pop, and about your favorite groups, share your story, make requests, whatever you want it! XD
Bear Hug
Dryka B.

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  1. OK, I think I told you this story about a thousand times already but here I go again (and again~)
    I was 13 (or 14?) at the time and it was my first time traveling without my parents. I used to live in Ilhabela and went to São Paulo with my friend Fernanda. We ended up staying at her cousin's house and she was going crazy about this korean group that had just debuted. Now, she's not korean or anything, but she used to go to a korean church and that's how she got so into this things. She made me watch dramas and listen to their songs the whole time I was there and all I kept thinking was "WTF" haha.
    Time went by, I went home and one boring day came, so I remembered that day and decided to look for their songs. The group was DBSK, but I couldn't remember their name and instead found Super Junior. I watched some of their performances and found a tv show called Full House where 2 foreigner girls came to live with them and they were supposed to teach them about Korea... if you know anything about SuJu you will know how hilarious my introduction to korean culture was haha. After that I was hooked and thanks to youtube related videos, I found DBSK again (and again~)...
    It became all I could talk about, but no one knew anything about them and when I tried to show people, they would say they didn't like it or not even give me a chance hahaha so I kept them for myself for a long time
    Then came Big Bang, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls, Miss A, B.A.P. and the list never stops
    I met amazing people (on the internet haha) that like them just as much as I do and that became a reason for me to make even more friends worldwide
    I know it sounds cheese but I don't really care, I'm so thankful for their music and for what they had done for me, even if I'm living on the other side of the world and they have no idea who I am
    Hell, I even learned my english in korean hahaha

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  3. Yeeeyy!!! I'm the friend!!! =D uhauhauau Big hug to you Dry!! Well.. my first contact with Kpop was on musics of anime's ending. Actually, I became interested by hearing "Dearest" by Ayumi Hamasaki on Inu Yasha, and then I found BoA! But.. in fact my first contact with animes and mangas was because a Friend too, I was 11. She showed me every possible kind of animes!! (Thanks old Friend!!! =D) and I remember when she showed me the MV "Kiss because I'm a girl". Oh My Gosh.. I remember that I cryed so much!!! I never will forget it!! It was because this MV that I saw a intense and subtle culture and I loved this. It was this way!! =D I love kpop and Jpop since this!


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