K-Pop 101 – You Love South Korea and You Don’t Even Know It

South Korea is a relatively small country in South Asia, lies between China and Japan The language is different, the culture has its similarities at certain points, but still very different in others, as the cuisine you can put the spice of a good Chinese food, more pepper than the Mexican food, and the healthy characteristic of Japanese cuisine, and NO in Korea is not everyone that eats dogs and scorpions ¬¬''.
For example, watch these videos. This is Samgyeopsal and Samchi Bill and Budae Jjiggae.

You probably never gave attention to Korea and never knew more than the fight between North and South Korea, but these countries are so much more than that. If you have a Samsung, FILA sneakers, one of the LG electronics, knows the Kia Motors, wants BB Cream and a Sonata, Azera one or the Hyundai Veloster are on your wishlist, you love South Korea and don’t even know it.
You do not need to fall in love with Korea to like K-Pop, but ends up happening anyway, it turns out that K-pop is connected to Korean products, sport and consequently the country's culture. Korean idols or K-Idols as they are called, are most often the protagonists of advertising campaigns these great brands we already know. Unfortunately since k-pop is not so popular in some places, every brand makes a the advertising facing the target costumers in question, then this awesome commercials aren’t broadcast in every country, but in Korea these singers put all products that they advertise on wish lists of the South Korea population and other Asian countries, as well as international fans like me.
Hyundai paid SM Entertainment to join some of the best dancers of the agency and form a temporary group called YOUNIQUE UNIT and release the music MAXTEP to promote the campaign PREMIUM YOUNIQUE LIFESTYLE  fot the Hyundai Veloster, the group consisted of: Eunhyuk and Henry (SUPER JUNIOR) , Luhan and Kai (EXO), Taemin (SHINee) and Hyoyeon (GIRLS GENERATION/SNSD).
Hyundai also joined BIGBANG (YG Entertainment) and Yuna Kim to support the South Korean football team in the South Africa World Cup.

LG used Girls Generation (SNSD) to promote their 3D TV, Smart TV and the Chocolate phone, among other products of the brand.
"Chocolate Love" is an advertising campaign of LG and still is one of my favorite songs of Girls Generation!
And the hilarious commercials from Samsung with Girls Generation and TVXQ. Yunho and Jaejoong fighting over a girl is out of the question. Yoochun's terrified of height as always and the the Forever Alone Junsu arriving at the wrong time and interpreting it wrong ... or not. And Changmin ... always doing well or not so well.
Other curiosities that can make you love South Korea:
- Many advertising campaigns for cosmetics in South Korea are led by men. For them a handsome man sells more to a woman than a woman would sell to another, which I particularly agree.
- Modern men wear makeup. BB Cream is a light but magic foundation that women and Korean men also wear in day-by-day to cover skin imperfections, and it in no way it hurts their masculinity. To understand more about it, read the post about the famous "Flower Boys" HERE.
- Many restaurants have unique system of food delivery. They send the meal in non-disposable containers and then after you consume the meal, you leave the containers in baskets outside your door and after a few hours the delivery come back again to get them with no additional cost.
- It is common for young people help the elderly, relatives or not, carry bags, cross the streets and climb stairs. If a place is reserved for the elderly, pregnant or disabled, anyone who does not fit that category will occupy these places, no matter how crowded the place is, and if you do someone probably will scold you. Actually it is not a maybe, someone will give you a scolding without a doubt! The same goes for someone who speaks loudly, if you talk too loud on the street, someone will scold you, except for old ladies, they have a green card to yell in public.
- Neither the police use weapons. I mean, police high scale and function yes, but the common cops do not. Criminality in Korea is very low, you can walk down the street at 2am with your wallet full of money and feel completely safe. You don’t have time to think about committing crimes being 16 hours in school and with parents and teachers by your side all the time.
This video shows through the movie "My Sassy Girl" (I'm talking about the original, Korean, and not the American version made ​​in 2007/08) a bit of South Korean culture.
- Closeness to the teachers. Whereas students spend much time in school, teachers have the same authority as parents and it is common that students have lunch with them and talk to them about personal things.
Next week on the tag #Kpop101 let's talk about the process to become a k-idol and the main South Korean agencies/record labels.
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