Romantick's 1st Anniversary - Insecurities, Progress and Challenges.

Today is the blog's 1st anniversary! And I wanted to say that I'am immensely happy for each one of the readers, national and international. Those who comment directly on the post those who talk about them with me. Those who follow for the fashion, the k-pop, the random talks, or playlists or anything else. You are still few, most of you are friends and family, I know, but still I am immensely happy for your support. Especially Leticia Minarelli again that manages the layout and give me all the support whenever I ask and Ingra Braga that's my BETA very often, helping me to correct spelling and grammatical slips especially in the longer and English posts like this one! <3


I learned a lot of precious things that I shared here on the blog with you all and I intend to continue sharing more. And since the new year is time to chart goals and rethink attitudes rather, than unsubstantiated promises I decided to be absolutely honest and self-critical. You must be thinking, 'how she gone from celebration to reflection and self-criticism?' Sorry, but before we start the party, this is like the necessary speech before the banquet, but I promise to be brief ... or not, by now you already realize that I write my ass off very often. Because of that I will merge the text with beautiful Korean men for you to forgive me and read to the end.


From now on the blog will be more than a hobby for me, it will be a job that I love, and it deserves more of my dedication and love EVERYDAY. Nothing falls from the sky unfortunately. In 365 days the blog had 112 posts, a little less than 1/3 of the year had updates. This is not because I'm lazy or because I lack ideas or content, or even sources actually there is plenty of content!


This happens simply because I have the unhealthy habit of discouraging myself. If the need requires me to defend someone's rights, fight against injustice, protect a friend or my family, I'm a lioness, simple, easy. I may be attacked for that still I never back away, which would be very admirable and beautiful IF I was able to do the same for my dreams and the things that I love, if I were able to stand up on the crowd and expose myself for judgment. I want to constantly learn and improve and I'm never satisfied with my own results. This is the size of my insecurity.


I tear and throw away half of the drawings I do. There are 10 unfinished blog posts for more than three months on my computer because I have no confidence in them. I write texts that I don't let no one read, very rarely I show a post directly to someone suggesting that she might find interesting.


I'm always torn between post what I love and post what supposedly readers find interesting, but post what I love always wins this battle, but in consequence I don't divulge such posts that I so carefully made because I think that what I love probably doesn't interest you. That's how my mind works. But I'm happy to say that I'm slowly molding and strengthening. Every step foward, I receive a positive response from someone, which motivates to take the next step, and even when there is a critical amid the praise I can use it to improve and evolve.

So I have been sharing my drawings more, without thinking twice, what I intend to do much more here. I'm not afraid or ashamed to share my unusual playlists and talk about things that nobody else speaks. I realized that RomanticK is especially interesting because it is different and presents a new content type that is gaining ground, but is still mostly unexplored.


Therefore without  reservation I ask that you also participate, share what you like and think in the comments, make comments, please, they are extremely important to me, whether they are questions, corrections, suggestions, contrary opinions, praise or simply we chattering and proclaiming our love for a subject, the participation of each one of you is extremely precious, because then I know I'm not here 'talking' all by myself. Sometimes I see that a thousand people went through a post, but only 2 commented or else hundred people read the post, but none of them commented and I keep asking myself if all these people didn't like, but the views are still rising so I'm completely confused . As much as I enjoy when you ask or comment directly to me about something I posted, these interactions have to be on the blog, too.


If you like it something please share with others, tell a friend, sometimes that Midi Skirt I wrote about it is not your style, but would look beautiful in your friend or your cousin then share them. You didn't like the movie that I suggested? Comment why and give me another one that you like, so I can watch and share my opinions about it too. This makes it all more fun and generates more content and we can keep exchanging ideas and thoughts.


Enjoy the blog's resources, I use and abuse of everything that I can to make the blog better for your style. We have a tumblr that's is a lookbook, which already has over 900 outfits and is constantly updated.


A facebook fanpage, which besides keeping those who follow updated on new posts here, we always talk about new series and movies that are coming or that I'm watching and liking, magazine covers, fashion editorials on the spotlight, celebrity looks, among many other things.


Romantick's channel on youtube where we keep all songs and playlists that appear here on the blog and trailers of the movies and series suggested.

Apresentação1 (2)

And finally my Instagram that is personal, but where I always post photos of sketches for those who like fashion illustrations and for the ones thatare curious about what is coming next on the blog.


If RomanticK were a book I could say that 2013 was the beginning, the character development, when he grow and mature before your eyes, and now 2014 is when the plot will really happen.

*Throws confetti in the air *
*Dances the Macarena*
*Hugs everyone*
*Gets drunk and kisses the best friend* (No wait, skip the last part! I don't recommend!)


Bear Hug
Dryka B.

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