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The blog turned 1 year old recently and it's about time to increase interactivity with readers. Thinking about it, to help promote the blog, train my drawing skills and improve even more and so you can have a design inspired by something you love, I had the idea of ​​starting this tag. I'm not the best artist, but nonetheless this is a fun way to interact. ;D

#FSforPromo (Fashion Sketch for Promo)

To request a fashion sketch, just send your photo-inspiration (paintings, music videos, plants, landscapes, movies, stories, etc) to
The drawing will be created and dedicated to you on RomanticK's facebook page, and then all you have to do is LIKE RomanticK's fanpage on facebook and share the drawing on your own social network (Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram) with the credits to the blog (

1) Send the email with the following information:
- Your name or nickname
- The social network's link of your choice (your Tumblr, Facebook and/or Instagram)
- Photo-inspiration (the more references the better, therefore you can send more than one photo, but it will be just one drawing)
- Brief explanation about yourself and your inspiration
2) LIKE RomanticK's facebook page HERE. And recommend the page on your timeline and tag 3 friends!
3) Keep an eye on the page, because the design will be posted and dedicated to you there;
4) Share the sketch on one of your social networks with the blog's link in the description (
- If you use your instagram to post the drawing, do not forget to mark @dryka_bioni
- If you are using Tumblr, tag the post with #FSforPromo
- On facebook just share the design direct from the blog's page.
5) If you want the drawing to dedicate to someone else, do not forget to tell in the email so I can dedicate correctly on the facebook post.

Name: Dryka B.
Link of social network:


I chose Minnie Mouse as inspiration, because she is my fashion icon! When I was a kid, my parents had no money to buy the most beautiful trend notebooks for me to study, but they always ended up being the BEST. My mother always made a cover for all of them, she drew Minnie Mouse on the cover and paint the dresses of different colors and I always loved. My mother always tied my hair with giant bows too (just observe the blog's drawing on the top of the site, that I drew, to know that such bows are part of my life). Minnie ended up becoming my fashion icon, the marked waist, the pin-up style, super feminine and fun.



The goal is to create a design for this tag every 3 days, so as not to disrupt other projects I have. And the promo ends when the page reaches 500 followers, but once we get there, there will be another surprise Smiley de boca aberta! So ... PARTICIPATE!

Bear Hug
Dryka B.

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