Wedspawn (Rhys Ford) Interview

Imagine being able to interview one of your favorite writers! Well, if your favorite is a sweetie like mine, you can!

I was commenting on her last fanfic like I always do to remind her we need her and we are waiting, when she told me she was so busy because she writes books as Rhys Ford, so I asked her for an interview to talk about her work and her fanfics and she said yes right away!


“Rhys Ford was born and raised in Hawaii then wandered off to see the world. After chewing through a pile of books, a lot of odd food, and a stray boyfriend or two, Rhys eventually landed in San Diego, which is a very nice place, but seriously needs more rain. Rhys admits to sharing the house with three cats, a black Pomeranian puffball, a bonsai wolfhound, and a ginger cairn terrorist.
Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird, a Toshiba laptop, and a red Hamilton Beach coffee maker. But mostly to the coffee maker.”

A few fans/friends joined me in making these questions for her, they are mostly from South America, Asia and Europe) and here are their names: Levie Torres Kim, Vanessa Natasha Ross, Darlene de Castro, Jennifer Asilo, Joyce Lapido, Mimi Tong Wen Yin, Abegail Quiboyen, Ola Hitomi (hitomi2oo7) and my best friend who is the one that showed me Wedspawn’s fics and also the reason why I ask Rhys Ford for this interview as her gift, Ingra Braga.


Dryka: First I’d like to say, thank you for sparing some time to talk to me. I don’t know how to be on professional mode now, I’m a huge fan of your fanfics and I’m excited to know more about your work. My friends helped me to write these questions for you, it was hard to choose only 10,  they are really curious about everything.
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): Hello! And thank you for asking me to interview!

Dryka: From my researches on your official website, I notice you write romances between boys. When did you started to write and why boys love?
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): Wow. I started a long time ago and I chose to write about M/M romances because I felt like there were things that needed to be explored and discussed. One series I have is about being gay and coming from a traditional Asian family. Things like that.

Dryka: We still have homophobia all over the world, but things are getting better now. Did you face any difficulties, with legal matters and criticism for writing it in the past? (about your published work and your fanfics as well). Did you ever think about stopping?
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn
): I wouldn’t stop. I have the freedom of being able to write so freely in America and to offer up a look into other cultures. For me, it is an exchange of ideas. All I want is for people to be able to love who they want.

Dryka:The emotional input of your stories is one of the most realistic I've read, so I'd like to know, where do you get the inspiration for it?
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): Just living life and having times when things have been bad. I try to write so that it puts the reader in touch with emotions they are familiar with or maybe even just a glimpse of someone’s pain or happiness. A lot of it has to do with what someone is going through. Trying to make that approachable to the reader. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometimes I’ll have an idea or a conversation two characters would have. I use that then Smiley de boca aberta.

Dryka: You write fanfics about a lot of couples, but mainly YunJae and there is so many people who think YunJae is a real life couple. Why did you choose them for the majority of your fics?
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): The juxtaposition of personalities and types were interesting to write. I wanted two characters who were attractive and very comfortable with one another but at the same time, torn apart by different views. That would make an interesting story. I chose them because I could build that relationship based on mostly the personas the company created for them. I in no way ever thought I was writing for either of them.
I was inspired mostly by looks and events but their characterizations are purely fictional. So I don’t really think of it as writing real-person fic. I was writing mostly towards the images SM created.

Dryka: Do your family and friends know you write about boys love? If so, how do they feel about it?
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): The most challenging part for me is coming up with mysteries since I write suspense novels. That’s hard. I try to portray realistic characters in a bit of an unrealistic world. The most rewarding part is when someone tells me they liked the book.
My mom knows what I write and I told her it’s okay if she doesn’t read it because it makes her uncomfortable. She is very traditional. She can be proud of what I succeed at without having to read what I’ve written. I know she is proud of my books. That is good. My friends all know and a lot of them are my readers. So they’re okay with it.

Dryka: Your books are published in how many countries and languages? If not, do you plan on publishing in another country?
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): My books are available worldwide and in audio books too. They are out in English but will be translated. My SMM (So Much Mine) series has been translated by a bunch of people. My wedspawn writing belongs to everyone in the fandom. I wrote those for friends and fandom. I just want people to enjoy them.

Dryka: Which of your published books do you recommend for your fanfic readers? And story do you think it’s your best?
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): So many books. I have two series they might like to start with. "The Dirty Series" which stars an American man who falls in love with a Korean man from a traditional family and the Sinners Series which is about rock stars finding their true loves. Ah, I’ve not written my best story yet.

Dryka: I’m a Yunjae fanatic ‘shipper’, but I ended up loving Se7en’s character in “So Much Mine”, especially his weird friendship with Yunho, which was hilarious. How did you think about making Changmin and Se7en into a couple?
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): I wanted someone unexpected but fun. They have a great dynamics as characters and his personality I wrote balanced out the seriousness of Min’s character. There had to be a balance and Yunho needed a friend who could push him around.

Dryka: What about women? In fanfics they usually are the villain or the annoying character, what I particularly think it’s strange, considering most fanfic writers are women themselves. Even though ‘Scarlet’ in “So Much Mine” series is a badass awesome woman, she is biologically a man. Why not write a story where women are powerful, smart, funny and the couple’s friend?
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): I actually write about a lot of strong women in my books. Scarlet I think of as a woman *grins*. In my novels, there are quite a few strong women who support the main characters. I think it’s important. In the SMM series, I wrote about Yunho’s mother growing in strength as the books went on. I just didn’t have a lot of room for outside developments.

Dryka: A lot of fans say you are a legend between DBSK’s fanfic writers, but what about you, do you have a favorite writer? (one for fanfics and one for books)
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): I do not feel like a legend. God no. And I can’t even begin to name writers because everyone… guh… so many. Really. I love so many. So no, too many I love! Smiley de boca aberta

Dryka: That’s not really a question, more like a request. I’m still dying to see Yunho and Jaejoong fix their problems on “Roses and Blood”. Do you plan to comeback writing fanfics too?
Rhys Ford (Wedspawn): I would love to finish it. I need the time. Which I do not have. Because God, they need to be fixed. Heh.

That’s it RomanticKs, hope you all like, and if you want to know more about Wedspawn/Rhys Ford’s and her publish work visit (not safe for work) or let a comment below, I’m sure she’s going to read and answer everything. And to read her fanfics visit

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  1. I can't even begin to say thank you for that interview, now I know she is actually real! I don't even think she is Yoochun anymore! ...Or do I?

    I can't wait to read all of her work because I love the way she writes and what are we waiting to translate SMM series to portuguese? More people need to know about her! Do you think she would agree to it? And to think you used to say you didn't like fanfics before I made you read her stuff. You can say it, I have excellent taste! haha

    Anyway, even if her answers were not what I was expecting, she is still a legend in this fandom and her fics are, no doubt, the best ones out there... by far! So if she is reading this... thank you, it actually helped me a lot. Just like when I need a happy place to run to and kpop is always there, your fics are right beside DBSK

  2. Btw, Dryka, you're my most favorite person in the history of ever! Aspargos 4 life haha

  3. Levie:_:

    Dry Unnie Can I should??...\_(^<______>^)_/...there....
    _oh my Gosh...Its not a crime if i fangirling to her right???...

    _SHE'S AN EPIC!!...I have read her yunjae stories and i think i had goosebumps...i love her genres..her ideas and views are great!!!...I'm a yunjae shipper and I think I just cried shes so open minded~..i love how she relate her stories to reality...She's amazing....DRY UNNIE....CAN I HAVE HER AUTOGRAPH!!!

    I'm looking forward to read one of her books these days...xD..<3..Rhys authornim Saranghaeyo!!!...,DAEBAK!!!!

    1. Not a crime! I'm sure she likes it!!!! =D
      I want to read her books too!!!!! <3

  4. Thank you for writing up this interview with Rhys :D. I've been a fan of hers since YunJae fanfiction days, which were roughly around 7 years ago?? And I've been a fan of her Dirty Series ever since she published them too :D, about 4 years ago hehehe. I must say she's an awesome writer, I couldn't possibly lived without her writings :D.

    1. Junita! That's so sweet! I'm her fan too, I'm really curious about "Dirty Series" too =D

  5. Dry Unnie_thumbs up****..^~^..,Your the BEST!!!!!!

    1. Thank you dongsaeng! I try my best to show the good stuff here!!! =D


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